Below is a list of the types of individual sessions Christine offers. For more details about sessions, visit the FAQ page. Sessions must be paid in advance at the time of scheduling. Cash, credit card or PayPal. Credit cards and PayPal payments can be made by clicking on the ‘Add to Cart’ button below.  Partial refunds for sessions of minus 30% will only be honored within 48 hours of scheduled time. No refunds for event tickets. To reserve your seat for Christine’s next event, visit the EVENTS page.

Initiation into Energy Healing – $222  This session is a 90 minute phone, in-person or video chat that includes a reading, spiritual guidance, and a short meditation tailored to you.

Healing Pain Treatment – $555  In this two-hour, in-office session, Christine will administer natural modalities and methods designed for rapid healing from injury and chronic pain. Wear comfortable clothes with access to the painful area and be prepared to sweat. Many clients have reported dramatic decrease or permanent relief from pain after one session.

Half-Day Retreat – $444  A three-hour in-person, video, or over the phone session where you will receive a reading, followed by extended and personalized energetic guidance, brain rewiring, culminating with energy work and the death-rebirth ceremony.

Day Retreat – $666  In this five-hour, in-office or phone/video session, Christine will provide an extended reading and guidance, healing pain treatment (if applicable), brain rewiring, reflection time and the death-rebirth ceremony. There will be a break for lunch, extra time to process in a sacred space and allow for any questions that may arise.

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