Aftercare Support

Below is a list of links, information and aftercare support I provide for my clients.  All this information is designed to support and guide you through your own spiritual awakening and journey. Your life is meaningful in more ways than you might even think! There is always a deeper reason why we do many of the things we do. Here are some helpful tools/ways to create a more meaningful and spiritual life.

*NOTE: I created this list years ago. Some of these links may no longer be available, but don’t fret! You can use your search engine (I recommend Duck Duck Go for a more unbiased search) to find the information independently. Happy hunting!

~Brain rewiring: What’s your mantra? Did you know that you can program your brain toward success in 90 days?  A mantra is a positive affirmation or something that you say to yourself on a regular basis. Its design is to “reprogram” the mind toward good habits and healthy thoughts.  Our brains are designed to think. You might as well do yourself a favor and give it something to think about. This is a key element I use when working with clients. Your mantra should be something easy for you to remember and I do encourage you to write it down. There are thousands of nerve endings between your fingers and your brain. When we write things down, we are LITERALLY committing it and imprinting it to our memory. This is a great and simple technique toward creating a happy life. Healthy thoughts equal a healthy mind, body and life!

This list is one of many that provides some really great affirmations based on healing a specific disease.  I absolutely love this link below on how to heal ailments and diseases with positive affirmations from Louise Hay and her books You Can Heal Your Life and Heal Your Body.  Another helpful list comes from author Karol Truman and her book: Feelings Buried Alive Never Die.

~EXERCISE IS A MUST! Sorry, my couch lovers, but this is a big one. Find ways to stay active and make exercise a daily routine, you will thank yourself for it. Try to do at least 30 minutes a day if you physically can, you don’t even have to leave home.

In 2011 I was bedridden most of the day from chronic back pain. I started out by doing my workouts by just getting done 100 abdominal crunches every night before bed and resting Sunday. Eventually, I worked my way up to 1000 a night. As I got stronger and healthier, my workouts have grown along with my body. Find ways to be consistent yet change up what exercises you do.  The possibilities are endless. I spent some time Googling Pilates/exercise videos online and found ones that worked best for me.

Over the years, I’ve also incorporated the gym, a bike, hand weights, jump rope, a mini-rebounder and a hula hoop into the mix. Try not to overdo it with each workout. The most important thing is to start where you are and allow your exercise routine to develop.  Don’t attach emotion to it and DO make it a regular part of your life. Whether you like working out or not is an emotional trap. JUST DO IT!!! Here are a few other tips:

Joseph Pilates created a 30-minute mat routine you can do at home:

Here is a Pilates mat version by Denise Austin:

~Look up your birth chart to discover more about YOU or match your birthday with another person’s birthday from the books The Secret Language of Birthdays and The Secret Language of Relationships by Joost Elffers and Gary Goldshneider. This couple interviewed thousands of people for each day of the year and comprised a list of similarities with them based on their birthday. Many of the authors’ findings are astonishingly accurate.

~Are you an animal lover? Are you drawn to certain animals? Do certain animals or insects keep showing up in your life? Here is why:

~Did you know there are different types of meditation? Find the ones that work best for you through this link from Deepak Chopra:

You can also use reflexology toe stones to help with your meditations.  Also excellent for mind chatter, deeper sleep and relaxation. Order stones online or make your own! You can even use cotton balls or toe spreaders for pedicures.

~Do you love sunshine and sunsets? Here’s some reasons why and the health benefits of sungazing:

~Empath support: Discovering what it means to be an empath. You are not alone!

~Natural Supplements for health: Opt out of a lifetime of prescription drugs for products that can actually create REAL homeostasis in the body. IF YOU ARE DEPRESSED, READ THIS:

The benefits of magnesium for depression, fatigue, chronic pain, seizures and more:

Systemic enzymes for fibroid issues, blood pressure, scar tissue and more:

~Nutritional Support: This is another biggie, what we eat and drink. Do you suffer from chronic inflammation, bloating, excess weight, fatigue, depression and/or lack of stamina? Think about going vegan.  ESPECIALLY if you are an animal lover, empath or highly sensitive person. There’s lots of support out there to sustain or begin a healthy plant-based diet. It’s not about sacrificing taste! Do know there are healthier substitutes for meat, cheese, eggs, dairy or anything you really crave. Humans thrive on a plant-based diet! Don’t fall prey to myths. Do your research.  There is more protein in a portion of broccoli than there is in an equivalent size portion of a steak. Going vegan benefits your body, animals and the environment!

This is an awesome article on a Guide to Veganism.

Some yummy vegan recipes: there are thousands of delicious plant-based recipes. Experiment with it and have fun! Vegan diets are not all salads and kale.