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RE-Becoming An Artist

In 2015, my lovely niece asked me to recreate a miniature version of a large painting I did years ago (in above photo). It represents the human chakra system and my journey into Eastern medicine from a Western world. The painting was such a joy to create! I was so pleased to have rekindled my passion for art that I teamed up with an online printer to create prints and products featuring my artwork.

Finding an outlet for my creative fire has been monumental for my mental health and well-being. If you are sensitive and creative like me, having an outlet for your passion or something that brings you joy can be just as important as our basic needs. I am very proud to officially add paid Artist to my (very long!) resume and I thank you for checking out and supporting my work! For a custom chakra painting please email me at 

My Art on Fine Art America

Products include prints (wide variety of types and sizes: framed, canvas, custom edges, matte, glossy, and more) greeting cards, t-shirts, tote bags, phone cases/electronics, pillows, duvet covers, shower curtains and more! Click on this link to go to Fine Art America:

CLICK HERE to see a video on how ‘Twin Flames Unite’ was created from start to finish

This is my latest piece, “Twin Flames Unite” 18X24in colored pencil on paper. Inspired by falling in love and a digital image I saw years ago online. August 2017

This is my Chakra painting based on the Eastern medicine philosophy of the human energy system. Acrylic on canvas, 4′ X 3′. Born in 2007 and evolved to 2011. It represents my journey into Eastern energy medicine in a Western world. I made the first custom miniature replica of this painting for my niece, Kaylee. You can have your own chakra system piece custom painted! email request to

Leo the Lion was inspired by a lion I met in Michigan that brought peace to my heart.  Prints and products available on Fine art 16in X 20in acrylic.  Special features: in the original painting, Leo’s eyes were painted with glow in the dark paint so he never sleeps. When the lights are out his eyes light up in the dark. I also used the Pointillism technique for much of it. On the entire piece I used a tiny brush about the size of a pencil lead to get all those fine little details. The original outside frame is also painted with the same background design in black with white accents (wrap technique can be applied in a print through Fine Art America’s print options).

This piece is called “Unconditional Love” and was inspired by my mother, Jan, to celebrate Mother’s Day 2016 and express gratitude to the person who taught me unconditional love. Thank you, Mom! I love you <3 Prints available on Fine Art

The “mini-me”. 11″ X 14″ replica of my big Chakra painting created for my dear niece, Kaylee. To get your own custom chakra painting email

Self-portrait 1990. Prints and products available on Fine Art America

Ever thought it would be cool to get a pillow with someone’s artwork on it?? Now you can! Throw pillow available in multiple sizes through Fine Art

What about a phone case? Sweet!! You can order yours through Fine art Custom sizes available

Brighten up your bedroom with the Leo the Lion duvet cover available at Fine Art

Bathroom magic! Fabric shower curtain available on Fine Art $69

Unconditional Love shirt in black, multiple sizes on FIne Art

Leo the Lion shirt in orange, multiple sizes. Fine Art

Chakra painting shirt in charcoal grey, multiple sizes. Fine Art

Love this! Unconditional Love tote bag. Fine Art