Frequently Asked Questions

Question-How often can you get to the root of an issue with your clients?

Answer~Always! Be prepared for direct yet loving truths. Often we carry burdens for so long we forget they are there. Our bodies are always communicating with us. You have to be open and have the courage and willingness to hear what it is saying to you. We cannot fix what we won’t acknowledge. The power to change lies within you.

Q-Who could benefit from a session from you? What is your target audience/market?

A~Humans are my target market! We are all made up of energy. There is not one person on the planet that couldn’t benefit from understanding how our own energy works. My clients have ranged in ages from one and a half years old to 94. With this information, it gives people their power back and they discover how to work with their own energy more efficiently. If you are a truth seeker and are ready to unlock answers about your own life, wealth and abundance, youthfulness and more, then this is for you.

Q-What is a death/rebirth ceremony?

A~In 2009 while attending the school where I became a Reiki Master and certified Eastern Energy Medicine Practitioner part of our training was working on fellow classmates. I started noticing little “wow” moments where the person I was working with would have an epiphany, “aha moment” or shift in their energy field. After many times of witnessing these energy shifts in many different modalities (especially Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Polarity and Craniosacral therapy) I started combining those techniques together. The more I utilized these techniques the more intense the session became. After a few weeks of practicing these combined techniques word had spread around school that I had something very special to offer to clients and many of my classmates wanted to try this experience. While working in the student clinic I started offering this method to clients.

Although I didn’t know exactly what to call it, I recognized that people seemed to love it. I ended up receiving so many referrals that I opened up my own practice before I finished school. After doing this technique for one man, he said, “Do you know you’re performing Peruvian Death Ceremonies for people?” My jaw dropped as I replied, “WHAT?!?” He explained that in other cultures, if a person needs help mentally or spiritually, want change in their life or just needed help, they would go to the medicine man/woman or Shaman, they would receive a plant medicine and then lay down while the Shaman would do almost exactly what I just did for him. In shock, I did some research and discovered I was actually doing an uncannily similar technique to the Peruvian Death Ceremony.

I realized I had tapped into something much bigger than myself. I believe it came from God. I became passionate about offering it to anyone that wanted it. I didn’t feel calling it a “Death Ceremony” described it quite accurately because having a metaphysical “death of the ego” was only half of what it is truly about. In order for there to be growth and rebirth, there has to be a death of something. So that is what I started calling it, a Death/Rebirth Ceremony. And the point is to make it a big deal because it IS a big deal and YOU are a big deal! It’s like choosing your own birthday. You still have a your original born date, of course, but in addition to that you have a day that you selected yourself to create a powerful permanent change in your life. A sacred day you can cherish and remember for your lifetime.

Q-What if I live in a different city? Do you work long distance?

A~Long distance sessions as well as in person are available. My current city is Tucson, Arizona. I can work with you anywhere in the world for your ceremony as long as you have a phone and a place where you are comfortable and we can be undisturbed for your session. Healing Pain Treatments must be done in person.

Q-What is a session like? How do I prepare?

A~All sessions are designed to create rapid healing and wellness. In your session we will be going in depth with your life and your story. Depending on which one you choose will determine the level you want to go. The longer your session the more depth we can go into, hence, the more opportunity for growth. Although sessions are customized for each person, there are a few constants. They are all mapped out to create a profound positive impact that will change your life for the better, permanently.

Once we make a connection to work together I will start to receive intuitive information about you. With groups, I still receive information on individuals and then we later identify the source. Before your session the less personal information you provide about yourself the better. I am open to any questions along the way, but a first name from you in the beginning is really all I need. I encourage you to have a question or some questions in mind about ANYTHING you may want an answer to.  For example, any questions about your health, finances, relationships, career, passed loved ones or future are welcome. If we have met or worked together before, we bypass some of this initial process.

For readings and ceremonies, within an hour to 30 minutes before our appointment I meditate on my client/s, which is when I usually receive the most intuitive/empathic information about you. I write down the information next. Once your session starts, we will get seated for discussion and I will let you know my findings first. After that, we will spend about the first half of the session getting into the bulk of your story and going over a plan together to map out your very own personal energy work death/rebirth ceremony that is created just for you. Death/Rebirth Retreat is a ceremony also. We have more time to go deeper within your story and psyche, break for lunch and then the energy work part is done while you are laying down for the remainder of the session.  For groups, we do a seated group energy work/ceremony/meditation at the end. For Healing Pain Treatments, we will be spending the majority of time working on your physical body while you are laying down. We also will be diving in to the emotional components involved to get to the source of the pain. It’s very important in the healing process to understand the causes of pain and how it develops in relation to the brain if you want to heal it permanently. Western medicine only addresses the symptom, not the source or holistically accounting for the body as an entire whole system. For long distance clients, I ask that you have a spot where you can be comfortable and undisturbed.

There is a lot of new information to process after your session. I do recommend taking the day off for processing and readjusting. There isn’t really any “homework” beforehand, but there will be some after. I also suggest to take notes or record our session if you like.

Wear comfortable clothes. For pain treatment clients make sure to wear loose clothing or make the pain area accessible.  Be open to the process. You will receive an audio copy of your session (unless it’s a Healing Pain Treatment, no recording necessary) and some aftercare support information following.

All of my clients receive after care support. I will check in on you a day or two after your session to see how you are feeling and give a little nudge on your homework. You will receive a small gift as a sentimental token of your ceremony as well. I highly recommend using that gift as a meditation tool and reminder of your special day.

Q-How often do I need a session?

A~Each person is different, and it’s really up to you how you feel and what you want. Many people receive all the benefits after seeing me one time.  Other folks find more benefit after multiple visits or seeing me every few months or years. The experience is something many people find they are taking with them for life.

Q-Can you intuitively read everyone?

A~I try my best not to ‘look into people’s files’ (as I refer to it) however, information still finds its way through. I found a way to use my abilities best when they are most needed. The majority of the information I receive is for people that are open to it and want to learn more about themselves.  The information comes THROUGH me from Spirit or your “higher self” and is intended to help you in whatever way you may need it.

Q-Is everything you pick up on intuitively negative?

A~No. Thankfully! It’s like you’re a giant computer with a big file system and I can retrieve the files that stand out most prominently. Some files are negative and some are positive.  Sometimes the files need to be archived or you’ve got some corrupt ones that need to be recycled. I receive messages for others in various forms. Sometimes I can see colors or feel where a person’s energy field is blocked. Other times, it is very specific, like a name, a number or even a song.  Whatever the information is, it came through to help you in some way.